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These are some works of mine, most of them done for assignments. Click button for more details.

Behind The Curtain

Hi, I'm Arina Listyarini Dwiastuti, turning 1 year older every February 20th. I'm currently in my 3rd year of majoring Informatics/Computer Science. I live in Cimahi, a small city that getting more crowded everyday. I'm fond of programming (...kind of), web development, web design, and graphics design. In my spare time, I do photography, blogging here (recently rarely updated because school assignments really feed me up), culinary, and travelling.

If you're interested to make a project with me, you can see my CV here and don't bother to contact me. Thank you for your kind attention.


If it's not working, send your message to "arinalistyarini@yahoo.com". Thanks!